2/17/13 Update

We got a lot done this week back in the 2 Bits and a Byte headquarters.  The “Little Robot that CDR” is being completely re-vamped, and was disassembled earlier this week.  In the build team, the mechanics are designing new horizontal scorers to replace the vertical scorers.  Unlike the vertical scorers, where we had to line up, adjust, and “shimmy” the ring onto the PVC tubing, the horizontal scorers will simply require dropping the ring down.  A modified toaster dispenser has also been built and uses chain and sprockets, which are much faster than the former rack and pinions. In the programming team, the programmers are working tirelessly on a series of autonomous programs which can be used to score, block, defend, and set-up depending on the scenario.  Having a plethora of autonomous programs will make us more unpredictable and give us a strategic advantage over the other FTC teams.  The CAD team is developing a computer-simulated model of the base and of the horizontal scorers.  On Wednesday, the Outreach team also had a successful robotics workshop for the 4th Grade Science Team at Fiske Elementary School.  Have a great vacation.

Kevin Le, Outreach Team Leader