2/26/13 Update

We’ve had a productive week! The vertical linear slides are attached and the mechanics work well. The horizontal ones are well under construction and the CAD team is just finishing modeling the scoring mechanisms. We’ve set a deadline of this Friday to finish the build process, so that the program and drive teams can take over and we will be well polished for States. So far, it’s looking good. Our outreach team has been fantastic as well, and they not only have successfully organized a workshop at Fiske but are well on their way in organizing another one at Hastings. They also write articles on current engineering news and how things work every day, excluding the weekends. Kudos Outreach team! Our line sensor has also arrived, so the programming team is having Christmas part two! The idea is to improve the accuracy of driving up to the peg during competition.

Xyla Foxlin, Team Co-Captain