2 Bits and a Byte 2017-2018 Season

Writer: Kevin Rho

2017-2018 Relic Recovery Season for us has been just magical. It was our 6th time at the FIRST World Championship, and our first time ever winning the World Championship, along with team 8644 The Brainstormers, and team 8393 Giant Diencephalic BrainSTEM.

We started the season on September 9th at Needham High School, where the game was revealed for the first time. Then, we began the prototyping session. We ended up with a claw bot that can successfully fill the cryptobox for the scrimmage on November 12th at Gann Academy. There, we realized that claw bots were slower than what we wanted. Thus beginning the parallel design process, where we began working on a second robot with a much bigger potential and loftier goal.

Our first qualifier was on December 17th at Gann Academy, and second one on January 28th at Andover High School. We first used our second robot on our second qualifier, where we teamed up with team 8644 The Brainstormers and scored 598 in the finals.


Finals match in Qualifier 2, where we scored 598 points with team 8644 The Brainstormers

Our second robot was a pickup and dump robot, where it sucks in 2 glyphs and scores it 2 at a time with a ramp. More details about our robot are below.

2 Bits and a Byte 2017-2018 Robot Reveal Video


We qualified for the Massachusetts States Championship, which was hosted on March 3rd at Natick High School. There, we had a bunch of disconnection errors, and couldn’t finish above 4th overall. However, team 8644 The Brainstormers picked us as their 2nd pick alliance. From there, our team was able to win the Semi-finals, and eventually the Finals, where we advanced to the Super-Regionals through “Winning Alliance 2nd Pick”.

The last Eastern Super-Regionals for FTC was hosted at Scranton University, Pennsylvania from March 16th to 19th. 2 Bits and a Byte had a horrific result at Pennsylvania. We were disconnecting due to static issues on almost every matches, and were ranked very low compared to what we have expected before the competition. However, Team Beta 3550 picked us for their 2nd alliance pick, and we were able to compete at the Semi-Finals. However, we got knocked out by the eventual-division winners. We thought we failed to qualify for the World Championship. Almost by a surprise, we won the second place Motivate Award, which granted us a spot at the World Championship (thank you Aditi!).

2 Bits and a Byte after competing at The Eastern Super Regionals at Scranton, Pennsylvania

Our 6th World Championship was held in Detroit, The Motor City, for the first time. It was held in between April 23 and April 30. We fixed our disconnection issues and we had great games overall. However, it wasn’t enough for us to secure a spot at the top 10 of our division.

2 Bits and a Byte and Brainstormers in the World Championship Finals

During the alliance selection, team 8644 The Brainstormers, once again, graciously picked us for their 2nd pick. We ended up going through to the division finals in the World Championship for the first time in 2 Bits and a Byte history, and eventually became the World Champion for the first time also.

2 Bits and a Byte members cheering for their team during finals


2018 FIRST Tech Challenge Detroit Finals 2nd Match


Above picture is a photo of all Massachusetts teams that participated in the 2018 Detroit World Championship

Our robot, unofficially named “Jay”, works like a dump truck as mentioned above. One of the greatest features of the robot is the custom made chassis. We CADed and made a custom aluminum chassis. Almost all of the parts used in the robot was custom made. More of it is explained in the video above.

We also had a lot of team bonding experiences, such as annual apple picking and scavenger hunt.

2 Bits and a Byte at the World Championship


Overall, very successful and arguably the best ever season. Our seniors guided the team with their experiences. Our seniors include (alphabetically) Aditi Agarwal, Cassidy Teng, Dimitri Psyhojos, Olivia Maliszewski, Roma Pathak, Tomo Brais, and Vichka Fonarev.

Our juniors learned a lot from the seniors this year, and are getting ready to guide the team next year. Our juniors include (alphabetically) Aradhna Johnson, Ben Defay, Evangelos Horiatis, Ian Burwell, Julian Petrillo, and Kevin (Shinkyum) Rho.

Our sophomores learned a lot from the upperclassmen and gained their precious experience from their first FTC competition. Our sophomores include (alphabetically) Arjun Delity, Jesse Gilbert, Kriti Moogala, Naor Wiesel, Neel Bhalla, and Zach Kaufman.

Our mentors helped us a lot. They provided suggestions whenever we encountered a problem. They sacrificed their time everyday of the week so that we can enjoy our times together. Our mentors are Mr. Harris and Ms. Tracy.




“All the best to our graduating seniors.”

– 2 Bits and a Byte, 2018