2/27/13 Update

The deadline for this Friday will be no problem.  The inverted dispenser is mounted and set up, but we discovered that our horizontal scorers were placed too far back on the mechanical slides. However, the issue was fixed quickly.  The boundaries for the inverted dispensers were found to be too far out, resulting in our robot grabbing more rings than it could actually hold, so we adjusted the spacers and drilled some holes into the mechanical slides.  On the horizontal scorers, we decided to switch out the pinion with a two-gear “sandwich” which is larger than the pinion and will be able to move the rack that the scorers are mounted on more efficiently.  The mechanics also mounted the motors for the wheels after sawing 14″ metal pieces.  Meanwhile, the CAD team is working swiftly and are finishing up last tweaks in their scoring mechanism model — the programming team is  still waiting for the mechanics to hand the robot over to them to program.  The Outreach team began constructing the Outreach poster for States, which will contain all of the Outreach activities we’ve done throughout the year.  The poster will have a cubic layout and each of the faces will have information on the Outreach program.  One face will have the 2 Bits and a Byte Robot Head sticking out of it, and another face will contain a large cutout of the Outreach logo, which was designed today.

– Kevin Le, Outreach Team Leader