2 Bits and a Byte 2015-2016 Season

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2015-2016 Season Update

At the end of March, 2 Bits and a Byte competed in the FTC Eastern Super-Regionals Competition in Scranton, PA alongside 71 other awesome teams — the best of the best from the Eastern U.S.

During qualification matches, we had a rocky start, ending with a 5-4 record. However, the night before elimination matches we went back and worked on our robot’s hardware and software heavily. The next day, we were the first pick for alliances. From there, our robot performed really solidly, briefly holding a world high score of 556 at one point. We went on to become the champions of the entire event!

On that note, we find ourselves returning to the FIRST World Championship once again at the end of April in St. Louis. We are extremely excited to compete with incredible teams from all around the world.


















Photos above represent our club members in addition to our subset of team members.