2 Bits and a Byte 2016-2017 Season

By Kevin Rho
Back row (starting from left): Greg Smelkov, Chris Ross, Dimitri Psyhojos, Vichka Fonarev, Aidan Dwyer, Evan Horiatis, Marshall McKenna, Luke West, Stanley Wu.
Middle row (starting from left): John Kim, Aditi Agarwal, Aradhna Johnson, Ian Huang, Kevin (Shinkyum) Rho, Garrett Finucane, Cassidy Teng.
Front row (starting from left): Ben Defay, Manav Kulshrestha, Victor Santana, Vivek Bhupatiraju, Tomo Brais, Jack Defay, Ian Burwell.

2 Bits and a Byte started the season during November of 2016 and ended their journey at the World Championship, located in St. Louis, MO. We were really excited to play in the World Championship once again with these great teams all over the world.

At the World Championship, we breezed past the knockout matches with the record of 7 wins and 2 loss. We came out as top 4 out of 64 teams in our division, “Ochoa”. We got to be the alliance captain and chose the team 5415 Tri Robotics and team 12529 KTM as our alliance partners. In our first semi final match, we won by 260-135. However, in our second semi final match, we lost by 220-240. Thus we went to the tie breaker where we lost in a close match, 245-295.

Overall, it was a successful season. We went to the World Championship and we built an impressive piece of engineering. Most importantly, we really bonded together as a club, and as a team.

Our robot, unofficially called “FIDO” was, and is an impressive piece of engineering. It fits perfectly into a 18×18 cube. It uses surgical tubing as its harvesting method for collecting particles or small balls. The particles then falls into the Thumper, or the launching mechanism that shoots the particle into the vortex. FIDO also has a great autonomous system.

Above shows the members who went to St. Louis to compete in the FTC World Championship.

Official Competition Dates

11/18/16 – Scrimmage at LHS

12/11/16 – Qualifier at Andover HS

1/7/17 – Battle of Lexington 4.0 at LHS

1/8/17 – Battle of Lexington 4.1 at LHS

2/11/17 – Qualifier at Ursuline Academy

3/4/17 – State Championship at Natick HS

3/17/17 – East Super Regionals Scranton, PA

4/26/17 – World Championships St. Louis, MO