3/3/13 Update

Congratulations to FTC Team Hack-Hers and FTC Team Immortalus, who were the winning alliance captain and first place Inspire award winner, respectably, at our the Battle of Lexington FTC Qualifier yesterday.  Everyone worked diligently to prepare and host the qualifier, and we pulled it off pretty well.  Although there were many connection issues due to people not turning off their wi-fi hot spots and other minor issues, everything went fairly smoothly.  Plus, we managed to add a good deal to the funding of the 2 Bits and a Byte team — thanks to everyone who brought food to sell.  Unfortunately, we were not able to meet our Friday deadline for the robot, but the mechanics are working quickly to finish up the last few tweaks on our robot before they hand it off to the programmers and drivers.  The CAD team  is also doing a great job, considering that we have had to cut a lot of custom pieces which makes their role that much  harder.  The Outreach Team will also be having a Design & Debug workshop at Hastings tomorrow from 3:30 – 4:30 PM. Great job everyone, and get some rest — you deserve it.

-Kevin Le, Outreach Team Leader