“Battle of Lexington” FTC Qualifier

After making it to semi-finals in the FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) World Championships in 2012, our team was offered the privilege to host an FTC Qualifier — an event where FTC teams compete to advance to the State Championships — at our high school.  Titled the “Battle of Lexington,” the qualifier was held in March of 2013.  As hosts of the qualifier, we were responsible for everything from the set-up and FCS (Field controlled systems) to the MC’s and DJ’s to the food, supplies, and much more.  To learn more about the competition and FTC go to this link: http://www.usfirst.org/.  The event lasted an entire Saturday from early morning to late afternoon, but we still enjoyed running the qualifier and appreciated the privilege of being qualifier hosts.  Unlike the scrimmage, we actively spread word about the qualifier to the school, and the bleachers were packed — a few people even brought signs with them.  The qualifier was not only a great way to spread awareness of engineering to the school and town, but also a great learning experience for all of the teams involved, as is the case with most qualifiers.  In the end, FTC Team Hack-Hers and FTC Team Immortalus advanced to the State Championship after an exhausting day of robot competition and maintenance.  Afterwards, the official FTC judges and referees complimented us on our professionalism and organization, and we were given the opportunity to host another FTC Qualifier the following year.

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