Boston Dynamics

In late January, we were invited by Boston Dynamics to visit and tour their facility.  With a maximum of just 14 people, we were the first group of high school students to ever receive a tour of Boston Dynamics like this.  In the tour, we learned about Boston Dynamic’s history, processes, robots, and employees.  We received a presentation on their most prominent inventions — such as Big Dog, Wildcat, the LS3, the Sand Flea, and Pet Man — along with learning about several of the robots they are still working on now.  We were lucky enough to see the actual construction process, and we got to see several test runs of their humanoid robot, along with the many techniques they use to ensure the quality of their robots.  The employees were great, and they loved to answer our questions.  At the end of the tour, we each got to keep a pair of Boston Dynamics safety goggles.  All in all, this was definitely one of our more up-close tours and it was incredible to see engineers work in the real world, along with seeing just how far robotics and engineering have come.

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