Cary Library Parent Seminar

Last Thursday (Dec. 12th), we held our first parent seminar in the large meeting room at Cary Library!  In the seminar, we gave a 45-minute presentation on the importance of engineering in the community and how their children could get involved.  We showed them our ‘Promote’ video from last year, demonstrated our own robot, gave a talk on how technology is evolving, and gave a speech on the involvement of girls in engineering.  Afterwards, our Programming head and our Outreach head gave a slideshow presentation on over 15 different ways or places kids of all ages could get involved in engineering.  We had never had an event which was just presenting before, but it was a good experience and the parents were engaged the whole time — they had lots of questions at the end too.  At the end, a few of the parents came up to us and starting asking us about Lego robotics and how they could give some Mindstorm and NXT materials to their kids for Christmas.   All in all, this was a  new event which expanded our reach to adults and gave us a chance to practice our presentation skills for similar events in the future.

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