CES 2014


Intel shows off their new smart watch

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas is a massive event that exhibits new consumer devices.  As technology becomes more influential in society, the show will increase in popularity.

The symbiosis between cars and tech is starting to rise in prominence center.  Many major car makers such as Ford, Audi, Toyata, and Mercedes Benz all focused on the ability to stay connected from home in a car.  Mercedes Benz showcased a car which could connect to Google Glass and voice recognition — a person could ask for directions from Google Glass, and it would be transferred to the vehicle, like Cloud storage.  This same car also connects to Nest, meaning that a person can control the lights and alarms at home simply by telling the car to do so.

Wearable devices made a lot of buzz at CES 2014.  In particular were smart watches — an integration of mini tablets in watches, like phones attached to a wrist.  However, despite the enticing concept of smart watches, most people were not impressed by the smart watches, calling them gimmicky and unnecessary.

Intelligent home systems also made a debut at CES 2014.  But, helping increase security and integrating electronics into a house was not enough to bring people to ignore the expenses of such a system and its incompatibility with older homes.

In the end, CES 2014 did not introduce anything revolutionary, but CES 2014 did plant the seeds for a technology-integrated lifestyle.  Maybe one day the technology showcased at CES 2014 will come to be ingrained in everyday life, but for now people view such technologies as cool, but unnecessary.