Discovery Day 2013

After our season ended, we were offered a booth at Discovery Day, an event for local organizations and businesses, for Lexington’s 300th Anniversary at the beginning of June of 2013.  At our booth we set up multiple slideshows, brochures and pamphlets, posters documenting our work, 3D printed models of our CAD (Computer Aided Design) work, a simple line-follow NXT chassis, and our robot along with the FTC field from that season.  Accompanying us were the Battery-Powered Pickle Jar Heads, a second Lexington robotics team not affiliated with the high school.  During the event, we let visitors come and operate the robot, and we talked to them about our team, our robot, and the basic concepts of engineering.  Many of the people who came gave us positive feedback on our booth for being more in-depth and more interactive than most of the other booths present.  The adults were highly impressed by the work we did despite being high school students, and some of them were even more enthusiastic than their kids about driving the robot.  The younger elementary and middle school students could not stop asking questions, and many of them asked us how they could get involved in engineering and robotics themselves.  At the end of the day, we left satisfied at how our booth spread motivation and awareness for engineering in the community.

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