Fiske Kickoff Speaking

In January of 2013, two of our captains were invited to kickoff the annual science fair at Fiske, an elementary school in Lexington.  There, our captains spoke to students from grades K-5 about engineering and science and the importance of innovation.  They linked what the students learned in classrooms to real-life applications, and showed examples of how robots have been used in surgery, in the military, and as helpers to the disabled.  Our only female captain emphasized on the need for diversity in engineering, calling on the girls in the school to take the initiative to become interested in science and engineering themselves.  In addition, the students were thrilled by Mowgli and Baloo — two humorous robots we built specifically for this kickoff.  At the end of it all, our two captains were swarmed by students, and many of the parents present along with the principal gave positive feedback to the Lexington superintendent when he visited later that night.