Google Glass

by Noah Moroze

Walking down the street in your average city, almost everyone you see has their nose buried in their smartphones. However, Google is envisioning a new hands-free future, where a device with all the capabilities of a smartphone will be attached to the frame of your glasses.

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Meet Google Glass, a bold new way for people to interact with virtual content. Essentially, Google Glass is a frame with a special attachment (Google plans to sell adapters to put it on prescription glasses). The attachment has a screen that sits in the corner of your vision, a touchpad on the side, and a camera. Using voice and touch commands, you can take pictures, send messages, and do many of the things you can do with a smartphone. Its practical use is tremendous – you can take pictures and video hands free from your point of view, allowing you to relive moments without having to live them through a lense in the first place. You can also message friends quickly, get directions in a city, or maybe even cheat on your math exam for those of us with less morals (maybe someday teachers will be telling us to take off our glasses before tests!).

It is definitely an interesting idea, but people don’t yet know if it will catch on. A contest was recently held, and the winners have the ability to pre-order a Glass – for $1,500. It will still be a while before we see Google Glass being used on the street, but Google plans to release it for a modest price of $500.

A common criticism is the appearance of Google Glass. The current design is small and sleek, but most people don’t want to wear a device that will make them seem like a weirdo or a geek. Also, walking around talking to your glasses might add to the “weirdo” factor. However, supporters of Google Glass say that the smartphone had similar criticisms, but now they are mainstream. Maybe someday wearing smartglasses will be the norm, and people will be debating over whether Google Glass is better than iGlass.

It will definitely be a while before people start accepting Google Glass. It is undoubtedly an exciting technology though, and may change our society in profound ways, similar to the smartphone. This time, we see Google as the trailblazer rather than Apple, and this may turn the tide in the war between the two tech giants.