GWAC (Global Warming Action Coalition) Nights

During the fall of 2012, we were invited to numerous GWAC nights at Cary Hall (Lexington’s Town Hall) in which we sold eco-friendly LED light bulbs longer-lasting and more versatile than incandescent or florescent lights.  On one occasion, one of our captains was invited to give a presentation to several GWAC members.  In her presentation, she discussed the growing threat of global warming and talked about how engineers were working to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, citing the light bulbs we sell as a simple yet powerful example.  She highlighted how technological advancements and innovations — often associated with smog-inducing manufacturing plants — could be a solution to climate change, and how these same innovations can come from anyone or anywhere.  The GWAC members were impressed by our captain’s insight, and we still keep in touch with them on a regular basis.

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