MIT Museum Speech

In December of 2012, we were invited by the Bot Side (FTC Team #5397) to participate in a robots showcase and exhibition at the MIT Museum in Kendall Square.  In addition to demonstrating our robot and software to museum-goers, one of our captains was offered the privilege to give a speech there — an opportunity she accepted with open arms.  In her speech, she discussed the history of her experience as a member of 2 Bits and a Byte and how she went from knowing nothing about engineering to becoming a captain.  She emphasized the importance of diligence and the values of independent achievement and community and how being a part of engineering has helped to appreciate all of those aspects.  Most of all though, our captain highlighted the belief that anyone can achieve something great and change the world no matter their background.  Today, the equality of opportunity is a belief which has motivated both us and the people who listened to her speech.

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