Plasmabots Mentoring

During the summer and fall of 2012, we mentored an FLL (FIRST Lego League) robotics team called the “Plasmabots.”  As weekly mentors, we were able to go much more in-depth about the inner workings and functions of engineering.  We taught them what we like to call EID — efficiency, ingenuity, diligence — in understanding how to act and think like an engineer.  Over the course of our time there, we taught them how to build a variety of contraptions using a plethora of materials ranging from gears and axles to servos and rack-and-pinions.  Along with the mechanical aspect of engineering, our programmers taught the Plasmabots the basics of programming, and eventually handed them NXT’s of their own to test with.  At the end we watched them succeed at their FLL qualifier and they gave us a present calling us one of the best mentors they have ever had.

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