Purple Penguins Visit – FLL Team Visit

In December of 2012, we had the “Purple Penguins” — a middle school FLL (FIRST Lego League) robotics team — come visit us at our meeting and work area back at one of the computer labs in our high school.  One of our captains along with a second member (who became a captain in 2013) gave them a tour around the place, discussing the E.I.D. core of engineering — efficiency, ingenuity, diligence — along with the organization and teamwork required to complete a robot or any other significant engineering project.  We showed and explained the many components of our own robot, going in-depth on the thought process and documentation behind it all.  The middle school students were then given a chance to drive our robot around the hallways of the school themselves as our captain explained the programming behind the robot and the importance of software in engineering.  At the end, we let the FLL team build their own mini designs with the remaining time and our materials, and they left talk enthusiastically talking about a future engineering project.

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