Robotics Scrimmage 2012

On November 10th, 2012 we hosted a scrimmage for other FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) teams building robots with similar functionality but different designs to ours.  We primarily invited teams within the Middlesex County, although a few teams came from farther away.  The scrimmage gave us along with all of the other high school engineering teams there a chance to show off our hard work, meet one another, and learn and improve from mistakes.  For newcomers, the scrimmage exposed them to a larger community of engineering for the first time and also gave them further experience as engineers as they began to understand some of the robotics veterans’ thought processes.  In addition, the scrimmage was open for the rest of the school to see, although we did not advertise the scrimmage much.  However, the scrimmage was a crucial moment in our and many other teams’ FTC seasons, and gave many people an in-depth look at engineering.

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