Event Rules

  1. Grades 3-8
  2. Can either be individual or groups of up to 5
  3. Registration is to be done either at www.lexrobotics.com/registration/ or in an email to workshops@lexrobotics.com
  4. All Rube Goldberg machines are to be made in advance and should be able to assemble within 15 minutes on the day of the fair
  5. Rube Goldberg machines cannot exceed 42” x 27” = 3.5 ft. by 2.25 ft.
  6. Parental guidance to a reasonable extent is allowed (e.x. power tools) — but ideas and building should be done by the participants
  7. Any material is allowed besides those described in #8
  8. Materials which could cause a mess or damage are not allowed (e.x. having a baking soda-vinegar reaction, food, liquids, fire, etc.)
  9. Respect other people’s Rube Goldberg machines.  No snide remarks, no interference with their machines, and no intrusion of space.
  10. Keep food and drinks away from the Rube Goldberg machines
  11. By entering consent is given to be photographed unless requested otherwise
  12. Failure to abide the rules will result in a disqualification from the judges’ awards

Good luck to all teams!