Everyone loves Siri, the electronic assistant to your Apple products. But how does it work? Available in the Iphone 5, Iphone 4S, Ipads, and the Ipod touch (5th gen), it has certainly become an interesting and fun part of some lives of people. Able to send messages, place phone calls , schedule meetings, and more, it is more than your average voice recognition system. It require you to remember certain keywords and phrases, it understands natural speech and asks you questions in return if it cannot complete a task.

Not having to say certain command phrases or keywords is a benefit of Siri. Variations of the same question will get you the same result. For example if you were to ask Siri “What will the weather be tomorrow?”, “Will it rain tomorrow?”, or “Do I need an umbrella tomorrow?”, it will all result in Siri giving you tomorrows forecast. If there are commands that require more information such as, “Siri, remind me to call my friend” it would reply with, “At what time would you like me to remind you?” As you continue to use Siri more and more often, it learns as it goes. It understands your natural speech and accent better. The more you use Siri, the more familiar it gets with you. Incredibly smart in some scenarios, Siri understands what you mean nearly flawlessly. For example, if you were to say, “Siri, are there any good burger joints around here?” Siri would instantly give  you a list of burger restaurants. And if you were to continue and to say, “Hmm… What about tacos?”  Siri would remember that you just asked for burgers, and would then give you a list of Mexican restaurants near you.

Eyes free, Siri can be a very useful tool while doing busy activities such as driving. This allows you to do everything that you would normally do, such as making reservations at restaurants, messaging friends, placing reminders, making calls, asking questions, and solve your loneliness problems. To reduce the chance of distraction, the screen turns off during driving. This exponentially helps concentration and productivity at the same time. Though extremely useful, many times, Siri can just be used to ease the boredom. People ask random questions to Siri, sometime providing intentional funny answers and replies, giving Siri a somewhat complex personality. Thoroughly integrated into our lives, and our Iphones, Siri has become a large part of our lives, that some may not be able to live without.