2016-2017 Season

The Parity Bits is an all-girls team in Lexington, MA, out of Lexington High School. This year, we participated in the 2016-2017 First Tech Challenge Velocity Vortex. The team started the season in October– in early March, The Parity Bits were in the winning alliance and were awarded the Motivate Award for reaching out in the community and promoting FIRST. With that, they were one of five teams in Massachusetts to advance to the Super Regionals Championship in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

This year was a great success for us. Our team worked very hard and was able to build an efficient, effective robot. We continued our outreach throughout the community, such as helping out at the Boys and Girls Club in Lawrence, demonstrating our robot for kids at a 5k in Newton, and displaying our robot in our hometown of Lexington. In the end, our team has grown close and formed tight bonds as we journeyed through our exciting competition season, and we’re excited to start building and programming again next year!